Changes in a perfect environment cripples a malleable process. A commercial or industrial construction project demands individuals to make on-the-fly decisions in order to maintain schedule. The paperwork inevitably will follow. However, complex construction projects (nuclear, biotech, oil/gas, etc.) won’t afford constructors any level of flexibility – and rightfully so. Therefore, impacts are inevitable when change occurs. For this reason, your project schedule better include the laws of averages…HINT: aim high but with some intelligence!

Included in the presentation is a study we performed which analyzed the impact of an RFI within a nuclear project. The model demonstrates how your plan will be impacted should an RFI command further action.

This model, though extreme due to the regimented nature of nuclear construction, depicts those impacts in the truest form.

Process Model Overview_Presentation

We are certainly happy to discuss further with your organization how this model was developed, share with you the model, answer any questions that you may have, and/or discuss where this might apply within your project.