Foreword: We wanted to conduct this survey from a scholarly perspective and did not approach the respondents as a potential solution provider. The initiative was lead by Mike, our OPS leader, to further ensure impartial results.

PM Vitals surveyed key decision makers throughout the construction industry (ENR Top 500 – 2015) to find out how they use software and what matters most when it comes to project management and operational software solutions. We think what they had to say is very insightful. No matter the size of an organization, the issues were similar. It’s probably worth mentioning that the response was phenomenal. We received thorough responses from 13% of those polled, which is an outstanding response rate!

Here is a high-level summary of key insights:

  • 45% of Respondents Currently Utilize 4 or More Software Systems to conduct office and/or field operations (heavily favoring office-based systems)
  • Only 50% of Respondents are Very Confident with their Current Solutions
  • 54% of Respondents use Spreadsheets as part of their systems; most acknowledged their inherent risk
  • The #1 Challenge Respondents have with Current Systems is that data Does Not Tie Together (creating dual entry, additional work, and opportunity for human error)
  • The Lack of Systems Integration Affects (in descending order of frequency): #1) Project Execution, #2) Project Risk, #3) Project Margin
  • Owners typically responded that the Lack of Integrated Systems Affects Project Margin by 0% BUT Executives/VP’s/Managers Believed that Project Margin is affected by at least 1%-2%

Take a look at the detailed summary below or download a PDF copy here: Final Results ENR Software Survey_PM Vitals 2015

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